Drought Resistant Landscaping

by American Landscape Design and Installation


Drought Resistant Landscaping

by American Landscape Design and Installation Considering the current weather conditions in Sacramento, creating and modifying drought resistant landscapes are essential to a beautiful garden. Our success is based in a focus on the key solutions of:
  • Water Management
  • Drought Resistant Plants and Shrubs
  • Aesthetic use of Rock and Stone Beds
  • Applying Ground Covers and Mulch.  

When you make the change to a drought resistant landscape you will be amazed by the texture and colors of your new yard. We will help you to create a sound ecological environment bringing in new life … birds, butterflies and healthy insects … that will amaze and yet require less maintenance and less water.

Designing Drought Resistant LandscapesDrought Resistant Landscaping

by American Landscape Design and Installation
Creating a beautiful garden does not need large water consuming lawns. Our drought resistant landscape designs are water wise making good use of drought resistant plants and clever placing of rock beds. Our design strategy for conserving water includes grouping together plants that need supplementary water from plants that don’t. This is achieved by locating plants that do not require additional water in a separate area of landscape in such a way as to appear seamless to the casual observer.
There is a huge variety of drought tolerant and drought resistance plants that have exceptional presentation while also being very hardy. A combination of local plants that thrive during droughts and plants that are indigenous to drought areas will produce a water wise garden without compromising on beauty or aesthetics. Fortunately, we can help you choose the right combinations for your garden.

Maintaining Drought Resistant Landscapes
Local Plants & Water-wise Shrubs – Replacing your lawn with low water needs shrubs will dramatically reduce your water usage and a whole lot of maintenance. There are a surprising range of attractive drought resistant trees, plants and shrubs that will enhance your home while reducing your water usage. You can have a lovely garden at a low maintenance costs.

Mulch – Organic mulches not only conserve moisture, they also feed plants, earth worms, microbes and other beneficial soil life by composting at the moist earth surface. Bacteria, fungi and other living organisms use raw organic materials for food, a process we know as decay. The natural decay of mulch feeds the soil which in turn feeds the plant life creating a healthy garden while conserving water.

Irrigation – Most irrigation problems are easily fixed, but they have to be identified to be repaired. The most important part of maintaining an irrigation system is conducting regular inspections while the system is operating. We keep a sharp eye out for clogged and leaking sprinklers, overspray onto sidewalks or buildings, design problems, missing nozzles and pipe leaks or breaks. Slight adjustments and regular maintenance will keep the water where it belongs and result in maximum water conservation.