Landscape Maintenance

by American Landscape Design and Installation

With us you’ve found a landscape maintenance company that provides great care. We provide both residential landscaping maintenance and corporate landscaping maintenance. American Landsca Designand Installation

A good landscape maintenance company needs to do more than just mow the lawn. A really good landscaper will also keep the bushes and shrubs well maintained. Along with those duties, the landscape maintenance company will make sure all vegetation receives plenty of water by checking all irrigation system components. Most irrigation systems require continual maintenance to insure that the irrigation system continues to function properly. Many landscape designs incorporate rock features, as well as, bark, pebbles, edgings, and all must be maintained to keep bedded areas looking organized and clean.

Some of our landscape maintenance services include:
- Cutting, Fertilization
- Systems and Sprinkler Repair
- Pruning & Trimming
- Removal
- Control
- and Disease Control
- Installation
- and Tree Planting

A good fall cleanup is an important part of maintaining your landscaping investment. A little bit of landscaping maintenance now and your landscaping will be prepared for optimum growth and color in the following spring. It obviously would benefit you to hire a landscape maintenance professional to handle the job for you. Professional landscapers have the tools and equipment needed to keep your yard neat and beautiful at all times, and can come in with a landscaping crew and finish the job very quickly. Professional landscapers will remove all of the dead leaves and debris from your landscaping to prevent diseases and insect infestations. Landscape Maintenance also includes fertilizing your lawn and plants to strengthen roots and promote lush growth.