Landscape Lighting

by American Landscape Design and Installation

Proper landscape lighting can be an integral part of extending your living space after dark. Effective landscape lighting will allow you to use your outdoor spaces after dark enhancing not only form, but function as well as safety and security. With American Landscape Design and Installation, you will win the battle against your forces of darkness and relax and enjoy your landscape at any time.
Landscape lighting is the best way to give your home dramatic curb appeal at night. By using strategically placed lights and fixtures, landscape lighting can transform the look and feel of your outdoor areas.

Landscape Lighting
by American Landscape Design and Installation

Lighting Design

Outdoor lighting is both functional and aesthetic. If designed correctly, outdoor lighting can be an extension of your homeĀ  while providing safety, atmosphere and space definition. Outdoor Lighting bring trees and shrubs to life at night and accentuate features around your home that are not obvious during the day.
Determine what lighting effect you're trying to achieve. Safety and security are both an apparent benefit when lighting up the dark however you choose to do it. Tier lights on steps and walkways create safer passage. Floodlights are a good choice for eliminating dark areas around windows and doors. With landscape lighting, you can bring out the colors and shadows of foliage and the many textures your landscaping has to offer.

Lighting Installation

Low-voltage landscape lighting is shock-free and safe. The hardest part is choosing from the wide assortment of styles. Outdoor wiring must always be grounded. It must also be rated as water-resistant-U.L. approved for outdoor use (U.L. stands for Underwriters Laboratories). Fixtures rated for interior use should never be used outdoors. For pool and fountain lights, use only fixtures that are especially labeled for use in these areas.

Lighting Repair

One or all of your lights just stopped working?
Need a specialty fixture replaced?

Most low voltage lighting problems have simple solutions. But, just the thought of having to work out what went wrong making you uncomfortable?  We understand how the system is supposed to work, and can easily troubleshoot any problems you have with your outdoor lighting system.