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Drought Resistant Landscaping

Conserve water without compromising on beauty

Designing Drought Resistant Landscapes

Considering the soil and water conditions present in your yard, we install landscaping more natural to your conditions. Our drought resistant landscape designs make good use of drought resistant plants and clever placement of rock beds, making your garden look like a natural oasis, while creating a sound ecological environment for birds, butterflies, and healthy insects. We intentionally place plants according to how much water they need so you don’t waste water on plants that don’t need it.

We’ll help you choose the right combination of drought tolerant and drought resistant plants, incorporating plants for every season, giving you a beautifully unique presentation of incredibly hardy plants all year round. Conserve water without compromising on beauty.

Landscape Design & Consultation

We specialize in a broad range of landscaping design techniques, providing you with a unique, personalized plan to fit your landscape’s specific needs. We work with you to help you realize your dreams and work with trained horticulturalists to provide expertise on types of trees, shrubs, ground covers, annuals, and perennials to plant so your yard is always blooming all year long. We also work with architects, pool contractors and other professionals involved in your landscape design project.

Landscape Construction and Installation

With a design plan in place, we address infrastructure issues regarding irrigation, soil conditioning, and quality of materials. Once we’ve corrected any problems in those areas, we move forward with installation, confident that our plans will bear good fruit and you’ll reap the rewards of your landscape investment.

Maintaining Drought Resistant Landscapes

A good landscape maintenance company needs to do more than just mow the lawn. A really good landscaper will also keep the bushes and shrubs well maintained. Your landscape design is a living, breathing billboard of our work. Providing both residential and corporate landscape maintenance, it’s in our best interest to maintain the beauty of your yard.

Maintenance is Easier with Local Plants and Water-wise Shrubs

Replacing your lawn with shrubs and plants that require little water dramatically reduces your water usage and maintenance efforts. There are a surprising range of attractive drought resistant trees, plants, and shrubs that will enhance your home while reducing your water usage. Enjoy a lovely garden with low maintenance costs.

Mulch Feeds the Soil and Conserves Water

Organic mulches not only conserve moisture, they also feed plants, earth worms, microbes, and other beneficial soil life by composting at the moist earth surface. The natural decay of mulch feeds the soil, which in turn feeds the plant life creating a healthy garden while conserving water.

Maintaining the Irrigation System Makes Sense

We make sure your plants receive plenty of water by checking all irrigation system components, inspecting for clogged and leaking sprinklers, over spray onto sidewalks or buildings, design problems, missing nozzles, and pipe leaks or breaks. Slight adjustments and regular maintenance keeps the water where it belongs and results in maximum water conservation.

Long-Term Maintenance for Maximum Enjoyment

Most irrigation systems require continual maintenance to insure that the irrigation system functions properly. Many landscape designs incorporate rock features, as well as bark, pebbles, and edgings and all must be maintained and replenished to keep bedded areas looking clean and organized.

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